Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Engineer Practice

hi reader.. :)
how are you today?? is it fine and have a wonderful day?? i hope you are..
i wanna share you alill abt my study.. i take an environmental engineer study in UNDIP.. and this is my last year in there.. *aamiin
ehm.. in enviro engineer there some a lesson such as mapping..
In Mapping lesson, we've to count a wide, an elevation of ground to make a building, street and other facilities.. The tools called Waterpass and Teodolit.. its remind me with my practice with my mapping group last year.. we've get a task (Tugas Besar) *such a mini thesis to make a map from one campus building.. we get an animal agriculture faculty bulding.. the equipment are waterpass, teodolit, safety helmet, umbrella, stationary tools, bak ukur *such as a huge ruler, etc.
it's starting from 6 am to 11 am then from 3 pm to 6pm.. its coz a nivo can't be touch with sun (nivo can be vapor, it can break a nivo) well, actually we used manual tools not a digital.. we've taken data for some days (abt a week).. i really enjoy it.. there so many stories that we have, from happy, sad, have a different argue, do some mistake..
here these some pic of the practice..

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