Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Korea's Festival day

it's had been long time not to post in my blog.. so sorry, there are so much to do with my study.. it's alil bit crowded here..
Hei.. this month is Ramadhan for Muslim..
How abt your ramadhan??
May Allah always give the best for us..
My target in this ramadhan are khatam qur'an (twice, insha Allah or once minimal for this ramadhan) and 100 days with Shalawat.. but i've not to fasting for 5 days (woman's monthly)..
May us always istiqamah to Allah.. :)

Well, these pictures were taken in a few month ago.. there are a korean's festival day in my campus.. We wear the traditional korean clothes.. The traditional korean clothes called  Hanbook and Durumagi.. Hanbook usually used by a girl and woman, then Durumagi usually used by a boy and man at korea.. The Korea's Festival was also sell a korea traditional food (Toppoki) and a merchandise by actrees, actors, boyband and girlsband korea.. Nice to came to this festival with my girls.. :)

Thanks for reading..
With love, Dhinny.. :)

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