Selasa, 24 April 2012

When get bored

19th april 2012, feel bored in my own room then going to campus..
but my friends in campus feel so damn bored too.. :|
nothing to do..
just open my laptop, checking twitter, facebook, email, my blog *(all social network)..
then we're going crazy.. hahaha
these some pic of absurd-silly things that we've do in campus..
dunno if there common people watching our act and pose..
called her TARI *mahar 

Rabu, 18 April 2012


29 Feb 2012, its special day, course coz this date only happened in 4th year a once. In this day I have a great plan too. I’ve planned to  going to play with my lill brother.. He is not my real brother but actually I like to be his lovely older sister. We’ve to go to TA (Taman Anggrek Mall) to play ice skate.. This is his 1st time to played it.. Well, I should admit that he is good on it, although his 1st he haven’t to fall to the floor..then congrats bro!!

He has a cute expression..hahaha

done that, we going to take a lunch at Hokben and watch a movie *..

What a special day.. :)
we've promise that 4 later we'll meet again..hahaha

*maybe at that time i'll have a cute baby.. Aamiin

My Out Fit :
Black Logo Jeans
Stripes Sweater Logo
Crocs Shoes

My missing Stuff

it's abt 3weeks after the tragedy happened.. well, sometimes i missing all my stuff..
and just some picts that lefted on my Laptop.. :|

May Allah give me a better then.. :)