Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

pinkies on me

nothing gonna do in my room.. and just take a lill crazy pic..hihihi



hellow.. today am gonna visiting kotu *kota tua in North Jakarta..  to get there, i've used a popular public transportation in jakarta ~ Busway.. :)  i've started from Plumpang shelter, 1st transit in Cempaka Mas Shelter, 2nd transit in Harmoni Shelter then  arrive in Kota Shelter..
 some pic in busway.. :)

my outfit :
Blue neon scraft by dR. Amalia
Jeans by Cardinal Girl
watch : casio
shoes : crocs
unbranded shirt..
bag ; export

Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

aNew Worried

Hi reader, today am in sunter.. actually in house of my friend.. I’ve visited her yesterday and planned to stay for afew days.. She is a HRD staff at MNC.. Well, I just wanna share abt a job with her, however she had a job for 2 year, so she more expert than me...*course -Next July I’ll doing KP (Kerja Praktek/ Job Practice), so I have to reach a good company to do my KP.. She recommended me to ASTRA *again, well, last year I’ve done my TA in ASTRA too, but its doesn’t matter .. I’ll sending proposal to the company then.. hope it’ll be approve as fast as possible.. 

Ok, last night we’re talking abt her job.. the salary, job description, everything abt job world.. then I’ve realized how lucky I am.. growing with a parents who have good job, so I could study till now.. feeding me enough.. till I’ve worried abt my future job.. that a new worry on me.. how could I find a good job..

She told me, its doesn’t matter as long as  you had a job..  every one has a first step too.. may be it doesn’t good enough for you, but all grow.. All a success person had  a 1st step too.. he/she had through the difficult and the hard situation, its make he/she stronger then, so he/she in the top now.. all that you should do is keep to try all the change..course, you never give up too.. when you’re fall, you must wakeup..fall..wakeup.. use all the strength that you have..

Huooo.. its make me feel that am just alill girl.. yes, so childish.. now, am 22 years old.. I should thinking abt my carrier, family.. huuft its so hard.. but, insha Allah I would do with all my best.. I just wanna make my parents pround of me, make a happy familly, being a muslimah, good daughter, wife, mommy and grandma..being an expert enviro-engineer too.. Aamiin

Bismillah, Ya Rabb show me the way..