Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

SISTER.. :))

hi reader..
may i introduce my lill sister.. her name Ayu Anindya Fatimma.. She studied at IPB take Agriculture Business Management.. its rarely to take pic aboth of us.. so this is one of my pic.. :))
Really missing her much this time..
Wassalamualaykum ..

Outfit :
our scraft, my dress: dR. Amalia
bag : Gucci's my mom
Our Shoe : The litlle thing she need

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Engineer Practice

hi reader.. :)
how are you today?? is it fine and have a wonderful day?? i hope you are..
i wanna share you alill abt my study.. i take an environmental engineer study in UNDIP.. and this is my last year in there.. *aamiin
ehm.. in enviro engineer there some a lesson such as mapping..
In Mapping lesson, we've to count a wide, an elevation of ground to make a building, street and other facilities.. The tools called Waterpass and Teodolit.. its remind me with my practice with my mapping group last year.. we've get a task (Tugas Besar) *such a mini thesis to make a map from one campus building.. we get an animal agriculture faculty bulding.. the equipment are waterpass, teodolit, safety helmet, umbrella, stationary tools, bak ukur *such as a huge ruler, etc.
it's starting from 6 am to 11 am then from 3 pm to 6pm.. its coz a nivo can't be touch with sun (nivo can be vapor, it can break a nivo) well, actually we used manual tools not a digital.. we've taken data for some days (abt a week).. i really enjoy it.. there so many stories that we have, from happy, sad, have a different argue, do some mistake..
here these some pic of the practice..